Guy Fieri joked that he’s going to bring ‘radioactive ribs’ for the people planning to ‘storm’ Area 51

  • A Facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” has gone viral.
  • Guy Fieri jokingly tweeted that he is preparing “Radioactive Ribs” for the event.
  • People on Twitter are loving the joke and tweeting hilarious responses.
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Guy Fieri appears to have a new project – catering the viral (joke) raid on Area 51.

Earlier this week a seemingly fake Facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” made headlines when it racked up hundreds of thousands of RSVPs. The event currently has over 1 million Facebook users registered as attending on September 20.

On Wednesday, the Food Network star jokingly announced that he was working on a special recipe for the occasion.

“Workin’ on some new recipes for the folks inside Area 51 ????,” he tweeted. “The Radioactive Ribs are lookin’ goooooood ????????????”

Fans can’t get enough of the joke and joined in on the fun with their own hilarious responses.

Although the event appears to be a joke, the US Air Force told INSIDER that people should keep their distance as the military training area is “dangerous.”

Guy Fieri’s “radioactive ribs” joke appears to be the latest in a string of memes and funny tweets by the celebrity chef (or whoever runs his account).

He recently tweeted a joke promo image for “Law & Order: Flavortown.” He also tweeted a viral “Game of Thrones” reaction video, superimposing the intro to “Diners, Drivers, and Dives” onto the screen.