Habib Jewels founder dies after 2-week coma – here’s how he made his brand stand out from the rest

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The founder of Malaysian jeweller Habib Jewels has died after suffering from a fall two weeks ago.

Datuk Haji Habib Mohamed Abdul Latif, 92, had been in a coma since the fall, The Star reported.

Habib Jewels said in a statement that its founder died at 4:26am on Wednesday (Apr 4).

Datuk Habib started his jewellery business as a small Penang shop in 1958.

According to the company’s website, the businessman helped his business stand out by choosing to do things differently.

In the early years, at a time when gold was the mainstay of jewellers, we sold diamonds.

“There was also a strong presence of armed forces in Penang and before we knew it, we were selling coloured gemstones to American GIs,” a brief on the website says.

In 1998, Habib Corporation Berhad became the country’s first public listed jeweler, before a privatisation exercise in 2005.

The group later started the Chantique jewellery brand, and ventured into Islamic pawnbroking and the hotel business.