Have a secret crush? Facebook is offering to be your wingman with Dating feature launched in Singapore and Malaysia


Looking for love? You can now do it via Facebook.

The tech giant said on Thursday (May 2) that its Facebook Dating app is now accessible in 19 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.

According to Facebook, there are more than 200 million people listed as “single” on its social networking site.

But while the dating feature is enabled within the Facebook app, users will have to create a separate profile dedicated to the Dating feature. And according to the social media company, what happens on Facebook Dating stays on Facebook Dating. “We do not share your dating activity to your Facebook Profile, or anyone else’s,” it said.

The Dating feature will match users with others based on the things they have in common, such as preferences, interests and even how you use Facebook.

Only suggested matches – none of whom will be from the user’s Facebook friends list or blocked list – are able to view each other’s profiles, Facebook said.

An Events and Groups feature will let you see who else on Dating is attending an event, and users can even choose to see which other “daters” in the same events and groups match their preferences.

And since people talk, Facebook is even allowing Dating users to hide friends of friends in their pool of suggested matches.

If you are not interested in dating a stranger, the Dating app will even help be your wingman by letting you explore potential relationships with people you already know and are within your social media network.

A new tool called Secret Crush launched on the same day lets users select up to 9 of their Facebook friends they are interested in. But the crush will only be relayed if the target of affection is on Facebook Dating as well.


Facebook will first notify the target that they’ve been added to a Secret Crush list, and if the target puts the user to their own list, a match is created.

If your target is not using Dating or doesn’t include you on their Secret Crush list, they will never find out they were added to your list, and you’ll just have to ask them out the old school way instead.

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