Heard of Jinjiang? It’s Singaporeans’ top new travel destination, according to Skyscanner

Meanwhile, crowd favorite Tokyo was one of the most searched-for destinations on flight aggregator Skyscanner.
  • Bangkok, Tokyo and KL came in tops as Singaporeans’ most searched holiday destinations on Skyscanner, according to the company’s 2018 Travel Trends Report.

  • Tokyo, Bangkok and Osaka were the most searched cities among APAC respondents.

  • For emerging holiday destinations, Singaporeans favoured Jinjiang in China, Hiroshima in Japan and Padang in Indonesia.

It seems the Land of Smiles still charms Singaporean travellers looking for their next getaway.

At least, according to Skyscanner searches.

The flight aggregator collected data on searches by 1,006 Singapore respondents between Oct 2016 and Sep 2018 for its APAC Travel Trends Report 2018, which was published on Wednesday (Dec 5).

Most respondents were aged 18 to 39, with about 120 respondents aged 50 and up.

Bangkok came in tops as the most searched on Skyscanner for the year 2018, followed by Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur – which overtook Seoul in popularity compared to last year.


Apart from Singapore, Skyscanner’s APAC report compiled data from 7,548 respondents from eight APAC countries. Regionally, Tokyo came in tops for the most searches by APAC respondents, followed by Bangkok and Osaka.

All three cities maintained the same rankings as last year.

Skyscanner also looked at Singaporeans’ top 10 emerging destination cities – which were cities with the highest year-on-year search growth on the site.


The city with the largest spike in searches by Singaporeans was Jinjiang (174 per cent increase in searches), a small county in China’s Fujian province.

Skyscanner said the city’s popularity could be due to its position as the nearest airport to Quanzhou, a spot along the Maritime Silk Road and largest port in Asia during the Song and Yuan dynasties.


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The city was said to have been visited by Marco Polo, which he nicknamed the “Alexandria of the East”.


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Coming in second on the emerging cities list was Japan’s Hiroshima (170 per cent increase in searches) – a World War II nuclear bombing site and home to one of the country’s most iconic views: the floating torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine.


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Skyscanner added that the introduction of direct flights from Singapore to Hiroshima could  be a reason for the city’s jump in popularity.

Rounding out the top three was the coastal city of Padang in Indonesia, with 137 per cent increase in searches.


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Other top emerging cities included Moscow, Kuching, Athens, Bacolod, Dubrovnik, and Ulaanbaatar, the report said.

“Singaporeans are now shying away from the usual capital cities and opting to venture out to explore lesser-known cities,” Skyscanner said in a statement.

The company’s senior growth manager, Robyn Lee, added that as flight prices to lesser-known destinations fall, more Singaporeans are expected to opt for holidays outside the typical list of popular cities.

The report also found that the most popular reason for travel among Singaporeans was for rest and relaxation – even higher than their desire to explore the world.

Some Singaporean travellers’ motivations for going on holiday included “bragging rights”.

It also found that the majority of people did holiday research while in bed (87 per cent of respondents), at the office (50 per cent) and on public transport (39 per cent).

Eleven per cent of people looked up places for holidays while on the ceramic throne.

Interestingly, despite the rise of Instagram and its influence on travel, more Singaporeans preferred to get their holiday recommendations from friends, family and colleagues (69 per cent) over searching for places on social media (53 per cent).


Surprisingly, 39 per cent of respondents also got their travel inspiration from TV programmes like shows and movies. In particular, Skyscanner saw a nearly 70 per cent spike in searches for the coastal Croatian city of Dubrovnik, thanks to the success of the Game of Thrones series.

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