‘Hope you and Sulli smile together in heaven’: Fans mourn Goo Hara, months after recovery from suicide attempt

Police have ruled out foul play, but results of drug and toxicology tests are still pending.
  • South Korean star Goo Hara was found dead at home on Sunday (Nov 24), six months after recovering from an attempted suicide.

  • Police found a note on Goo’s living room table, believed to be written by the star, containing negative thoughts about herself.

  • The case is still being investigated.

  • Goo’s death follows a high-profile suicide by close friend Sulli, a former member of girl group f(x).

Six months after an attempted suicide, Goo Hara appeared to have recovered well: the former member of girl group Kara made a showbiz comeback and even completed a six-day tour in Japan just last week.

But by Sunday (Nov 24), the 28-year-old was found dead in in her home in Seoul, a day after posting a photo of herself in bed with the caption “goodnight”.

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South Korean police are now investigating the singer’s death – the latest in a string of high-profile deaths, including former f(x) member Sulli and Shinee member Jonghyun.

They have ruled out foul play, but results of drug and toxicology tests are still pending, The Straits Times (ST) reported on Monday (Nov 25).

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Left note with negative thoughts

ST added that police found a handwritten note in Goo’s home believed to be written by the star, and are verifying its contents to determine if it can be considered her will.

K-pop portal Koreaboo added that the “very short” note, found on Goo’s living room table, contained negative thoughts about herself.

Koreaboo quoted police as saying that they had reviewed CCTV footage of Goo’s home, which showed the star returning home at 12.35am on Sunday, with no visitors since then.

She was found dead by her housekeeper, who entered the home to check on Goo after she did not to respond to messages, the report added.

Once said celebrities have unspeakable pain

Goo, who entered showbiz in 2008, was previously found unconscious in her home in a suspected suicide attempt in May, ST said in a separate report.

The singer’s social media accounts had been flooded with abusive comments about her history with her former boyfriend, Choi Jong Bum, ever since she filed a lawsuit against Choi for assault and illegal filming last year.

Choi had allegedly threatened to release sex tapes of the pair, ST reported.

Goo subsequently said on Instagram that she “had been in agony over a number of overlapping issues”, but would “steel (her) heart and try to show up healthy.” according to an ST translation.

In another post, she added that she would be “acting against malicious commenters” and “try hard to be positive and recover”.

“Public celebrities have to be careful about every aspect of their private lives and they have pain that they can’t even tell their friends and family,” ST quoted her as saying.

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“Social media is killing people now”

News of Goo’s death was met with an outpouring of grief on social media, with fellow stars recounting their memories of her, including actresses Kim So Yi and Kahi, singer Dowoo, and rappers DinDin and Giriboy.

“You worried about me, and told me to contact you if I ever went through a hard time. You were so beautiful and radiant, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to do anything for you,” Dindin wrote on Instagram.

Goo’s fans also filled her Instagram with condolences in various languages, most of them centering around Goo reuniting with Sulli, a close friend, in the afterlife.

“I hope you and (Sulli) smile together in heaven because you deserved that in life, but the world was so bad with both of you! Rest In Peace princess,” Instagram user @richy_fuentes90210 wrote.

“If heaven is real, i hope you see Sulli and Jonghyun,” @oh.angelinee wrote.

“Hara, you’ve worked hard… you’ve suffered too much in your short life,” said another commenter, who identified herself as a longtime fan. “I will always love you even though I can never see you on stage again… you and Sulli were both pure and kindhearted people.”

Some commenters also lamented the state of cyberbullying in Korean’s entertainment industry.

One hoped that the “sad” situation in South Korea’s entertainment industry would “change soon”.

“It all started with social media. Social media is killing people now,” another said.

Meanwhile, K-pop fans online are showing particular concern for the mental well-being of Super Junior member Kim Heechul, a close friend of Goo and Sulli.

Kim has set his Instagram account to private and unfollowed all accounts since Goo passed away.

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