A Google engineer built a smart bathroom mirror that shows the temperature and top news headlines for himself just because

Max Braun
Max Braun/Twitter

Google software engineer Max Braun was unimpressed with the lack of a sci-fi style “smart” mirror, so he built his own. He accomplished this by using a two-way mirror, display panel, controller board, a handful of components, and arts and crafts supplies.

The results are a notification center-like interface displaying the current time, date, temperature and RSS-like news headlines. Unsurprisingly, the software running this is Android.

While the results are already more futuristic than your average bathroom mirror, Braun say’s he’s far from done. He’s currently toying with the idea of adding traffic, reminders, and even Google Now, which would allow him to command the mirror using his voice.

He links to all of the components he’s used, in case you want to build your own, but here’s a quick overview of the hardware:

A mini controller board connects the display behind the two-way mirror with an Amazon Fire TV stick, which is what all the software is running on. That same board is connected to a power button and green LED. While this is an oversimplification of the engineering that Braun did, he’s being extremely transparent with the project, and is considering posting photos taken during the building process.

Here’s the smart mirror he built:

I made something: http://goo.gl/xAt4FZ

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