You can now order a burrito stuffed with fries at Taco Bell

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

  • Taco Bell added fries to its menu on Thursday.
  • The chain is serving fries with a side of nacho cheese for $1, or nacho-ified fries at a slightly higher cost.
  • You can also add fries to almost anything on Taco Bell’s menu.

Taco Bell is now serving fries – and the implications go beyond a single menu item.

In addition to serving fries with a side of nacho sauce and fries with nacho toppings, Taco Bell now allows you to add fries to almost any menu item.

Cali-style fries in your burrito? Done. Doritos Locos Tacos with fries? Sure. Crunchwrap Supreme with fries stuffed inside? Doable.

According to Taco Bell executives, literally any menu item that you can currently add potatoes to (which is almost everything), you can ask for fries to be added into.

Taco Bell has tried to carve out its own space in a fry-packed fast-food industry. Serving the spicy fries with nacho cheese was a good start. But giving customers the option to stuff fries into every menu item could be the true gamechanger.