Not even human intervention can stop Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini from getting past a closed door

There’s no stopping this robot dog from getting through the door.
YouTube/Boston Dynamics

It’s been just a week since Boston Dynamics freaked the Internet out in a video with its latest electric-powered robot dog SpotMini which not only showed up with a friend, it also sported a mechanical arm which can open doors.

On Tuesday (Feb 20), a follow-up video posted by the SoftBank-owned company showed us that nothing can stand in the way of SpotMini getting past a closed door – not even human intervention.

Titled “Testing Robustness” the clip shows a human trying his best to prevent SpotMini from opening what appears to be the same door it made it past in the previous video.

The human does this in a few ways: with a hockey stick, physically pushing against the door to slam it shut, and finally pulling on a stringy piece of the robot (which looks like an add-on tail) to steer it clear of the door. Along the way, SpotMini’s butt plate even falls off.

It’s all in vain – SpotMini’s determination is too strong for a feeble man.

The video has been viewed over 2.4 million times, with the online community once again expressing concern over its potential danger.