‘I am in’: Howard Dean wants to be DNC Chair again.

Howard Dean at the Democratic National Committee in Philadelphia.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is putting himself back in the running for chair of the Democratic National Committee.

In a tweet on Thursday, the former chair said the party needs to rehabilitate its technology and develop a strategy that does not just play in battleground states following the the upset loss to Donald Trump.

“The dems need organization and focus on the young. Need a fifty State strategy and tech rehab. I am in for chairman again,” Dean said.

The former governor’s tweet echoes his strategy when he ran the DNC in the lead-up to the 2008 presidential election.

Dean aggressively courted the grassroots activists within the party while clashing occasionally with party leaders, arguing that the party should try to put every state in play, instead of focusing on key battleground states.

Though he was criticized for not raising enough money to compete with the Republican National Committee, the former governor also focused on upgrading the party’s voter file and data operation, which the DNC believed it had the advantage on going into 2016.

Speaking with Business Insider on Wednesday, DNC Vice Chair RT Rybak said Dean’s attempt to build a coalition and broad support within the party during his initial bid for chair in 2005 “put more democracy into the DNC.”

“The best time it seems the DNC did that was when Howard Dean used his campaign apparatus to run for chair,” Rybak said.

“One thing we should be asking ourselves is if we had a chair who is not representative of what was happening in the community and was perceived to be not listening, then maybe we should actually have more democracy, where there’s more – where the chair actually has to go out and win a constituency and mobilize people. I hope that doesn’t break along Hillary-Bernie lines, because that would be the worst thing, but I do think it’s a really good time to have one of those big raw family discussions like we’re all going to have over the Thanksgiving table, where there’s a lot of heat but we hug on the way out the door.”

Dean isn’t the only Democrat vying for the spot.

The Huffington Post reported that Rep. Keith Ellison, one of the more outspoken progressive voices in the House of Representatives, is also jockeying for the DNC chair position. He garnered an endorsement from Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday.