Ikea used its existing inventory to recreate the iconic living rooms from Friends, The Simpsons, and Stranger Things

The Swedish retailer will be launching its “Ikea Real Life Series” sets in its UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman stores.

Couch potatoes, this one is for you. If you’re a TV addict, chances are you probably know the set of Friends or Stranger Things better than your own home.

To help put together your dream house, Ikea has used its furniture to recreate some of the most famous homes in TV land, including Friends, The Simpsons and even Netflix’s science fiction hit series Stranger Things.

According to NT News, the “Ikea Real Life” advertising campaign uses items already being sold by Ikea. A software was then used to design the rooms, which were given a 3D look and feel.

The Swedish retailer will be launching its “Ikea Real Life Series” ads in UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman stores, NT News reported.

On the UAE site, photos of these TV-inspired rooms are accompanied by information from Ikea’s catalogue, so interested fans can recreate their own Friends or Stranger Things rooms without even leaving the web store.

Here’s how the rooms look:

Friends – Room for mates


The recreation of Monica and Rachel’s living room  – where many of the show’s best moments were created – takes you back to the 90s immediately.

Too bad Joey and Chandler’s iconic reclinable chairs (and their living room) weren’t included this time round.

The Simpsons – Room for families


The living room of the wacky Simpson family is probably etched in the memories of all ’80s babies. The angled sailboat painting on the wall isn’t sold on Ikea, but there is a similar photo frame for sale.

Ikea is even going out of their way to sell their customers paint so they can recreate the room’s pink walls and green floors.

Stranger Things: Room for everyone


The living room of the Byers family from Stranger Things is no stranger to fans of the Netflix series.

Ahead of the third season’s release this year, fans of the Upside Down can recreate the eerie atmosphere of Will Byers’ home down to its paints and lights, which Ikea sells, of course.

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