Indian superstar Kamal Haasan just made a Facebook video where he calls Anwar ‘a beacon of hope’

Former movie star and Indian politician Kamal Haasan posted a video to Facebook, calling Anwar his ‘friend’ and encouraging his return to politics.
Facebook screenshot

Anwar Ibrahim is getting a superstar boost in his campaign to win the Port Dickson by-election.

Kamal Haasan, a prominent superstar-turned-politician, has taken to Facebook to publicly declare support for Anwar Ibrahim’s candidacy in the upcoming Port Dickson by-election.

“In a global political climate that craves exemplary leaders who have a perfect understanding of underdogs, Anwar Ibrahim is that perfect example and beacon of hope,” he said.

He added that Anwar deserved to return to Parliament, and that his return would strengthen Malaysia’s relationship with Indonesia and Tamil Nadu.

Haasan, an award-winning actor, singer and producer featured on the National Geographic’s show “Mega Icons“, founded India’s Makkal Needhi Maiam party earlier this year and will participate in the next Tamil Nadu elections in 2021.

He said that he was “happy to learn” that Anwar had secured a royal pardon from a previous sodomy conviction earlier this year.

“I’m aware that the constituency of Port Dickson has an opportunity of writing a great chapter in the political history of Malaysia by bringing Anwar back to the Parliament, and to the nation at large, where he deserves to be,” Hassan said.

The upcoming by-election will pave the way to his eventual position as Prime Minister, as promised by Mahathir.

According to Reuters, Anwar is expected to win the Port Dickson election but needs a strong mandate to counter criticism that he is in a hurry to take over Mahathir, just five months after being released from prison.