An Australian Instagram model told her fans that she used to stay thin by living off tapas and cocaine, and she warned that drug use is rife in the industry

Instagrammers go to the extremes to get the perfect shot.

Instagrammers go to the extremes to get the perfect shot.

  • An Instagram model told her 196,000 followers that she used to stay thin by living off cocaine and tapas.
  • Ruby Tuesday Matthews used to weigh just 54kg (119lbs).
  • She says her former lifestyle is common in the industry, and she hopes her honesty will help others who might feel pressured to behave in a similar way.

An Australian Instagram star has shocked her fans by revealing that she used to stay thin by living off tapas and cocaine.

Ruby Tuesday Matthews recently held a Q&A on the social media platform, allowing her 196,000 followers the opportunity to ask her questions.

One person asked the mother-of-two how she used to maintain such a trim physique, having weighed just 54kg (119lbs) before having children.

Matthews responded, saying that she used to suvive off “tapas and cocaine.”

“I did a lot of cocaine, like a lot so basically I just smoked cigarettes, had long blacks and did coke,” she said, according to

The 25-year-old explained that very few people knew about her unhealthy lifestyle.

“People don’t realise how easy it is to hide something,” she continued. “Whether it’s addiction, depression, anxiety, it’s easy to hide those things.”

Scientists have wondered whether sites like Facebook and Instagram contribute to mental health problems for years.

Recent research has showed that people portray their lives in a more positive light on social media, and a new study also suggested a connection between social media use and depression.

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Matthews implied that she wasn’t the only influencer to have a penchant for cocaine.

“I need to be careful what I’m saying here, but in the influencer industry, everyone loves the baggie. That is how most physiques are maintained… that’s how my physique was maintained,” she said.

However, she has made it clear that she does not endorse drug use.

When she became pregnant with her first child, Matthews quit cocaine and now weighs a healthier 65kg (143lbs).

She says that she has “no desire” to go back to her old lifestyle and extremely thin figure.

Matthews has been largely praised for being honest about her past.

“Glad you were honest about the coke because it’s so true, 99.9% of bodies do not look that thin naturally, people should at least be honest on why they look like that,” one person commented on Instagram. “I’m so glad you are living a better life now.”

The social media star hopes that by speaking candidly about her experiences, more people will be able to do the same.

“I have battled with mental health demons on and off for most of my life,” she said in the Q&A. “It is a topic I am going to be talking about a lot more this year.”

Matthews did not immediately respond to INSIDER’s request for comment.