This is the one area where Apple iOS simply destroys Android

The iOS 10 launch has had some bumps. Shortly after the update went live last week, some users reported that itmade their iPhones unusable, forcing Apple to push out a fix almost immediately. A couple days later,T-Mobile had to tellits customers to avoid downloading the software, due to reports of it causing dropped connections. Earlier this week,Apple told usit was working to fix an issue that causes itsLightning EarPodsto not work as intended. These are all bad things.

And yet! Compared to its eternal software rival, Android, iOS 10 has been a resounding success in at least one area: adoption. This chart fromStatista tells the tale. According to data fromMixpanel, more than 34% of iOS devices are already running the latest iOS update, and nearly 61% are running the next-most recent, which was released in September 2015.

By contrast, less than 0.1% of Android devices are running the latest update, version 7.0 Nougat. There are huge groups of Android users running on each of the last four versions, whose release dates stretch all the way back to July 2012. The most popular version is Android Lollipop, which came out in November 2014

Thisdoesn’t meanthat iOS is better than Android, just that Apple’s way of doing business gives it total control of the devices its software runs on, leading to a more consistent experience for users, and helping developers by letting them target fewer versions.