Ivory Lane — which got roasted on social media for proclaiming ivory jewellery as every woman’s ‘secret desire’ — has turned out to be a WWF publicity stunt

Some of the vintage ivory products sold by fake store Ivory Lane Singapore.
Ivory Lane Singapore Facebook

It claims not only that its vintage pieces are a “secret desire for most girls”, but also that it’s an honest-to-goodness business, thanks to a loophole in local law allowing imports of vintage ivory. Its instagram page even got over 6,000 likes within a week.

But online shop Ivory Lane Singapore doesn’t actually exist.

Created by WWF Singapore to push for the government to implement a total ivory ban in the country, the week-old fake store drew flak from hundreds of animal lovers on social media, lambasting its tone-deaf marketing and unethical products.

While the country allows trade of ivory dating before 1990, it is hard to tell between old and newly-acquired ivory, according to the organisation. WWF noted that Singapore is a key stop on the global ivory trade route, but has weak penalties for wildlife crime compared to countries like the UK and Hong Kong.