Japanese stalker tracks down idol by zooming in on reflection in her eyes on photos, then sexually assaults her

The man narrowed down the area using Google Street View after enlarging her social media photos to reveal scenery and landmarks.
Twitter / Ena Matsuoka

Fans can sometimes seem dedicated – but one man in Japan has taken his obsession to a dangerous level.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a man who allegedly tracked down and sexually assaulted an idol female singer by scrutinising reflections in her eyes from social media posts.

The term “idol” refers to pop entertainers in Japan who are marketed based on their attractiveness.

According to the Telegraph, 26-year-old Hibiki Sato, an unemployed man from Saitama, was arrested on charges of forcible indecency after allegedly attacking Ena Matsuoka, 21, a singer with pop group Tenshi Tsukinukeni Yomi.

Citing Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun, Telegraph reported that Sato was able to find out where Matsuoka lived by enlarging her social media photographs to reveal scenery and landmarks reflected in her eyes.

Sato then allegedly narrowed down the area using Google Street View, and identifying the station closest to her home, before stalking Matsuoka.

The singer had just finished a concert, and was entering her apartment building in Koto Ward just past 11pm on September 1 when she was attacked, Tokyo Reporter said.

Sato allegedly placed a towel over her head and proceeded to molest her, which resulted in injuries that took a week to heal.

He later admitted to the allegations, the English-language tabloid reported.

This is not the first time an incident involved obsessed fans of young female performers in Japan.

The Straits Times reported that in 2016, 20-year-old Mayu Tomita was stabbed 34 times in the chest, neck, back and arms by 27-year-old Tomohiro Iwazaki.

Prior to the incident, Iwazaki had sent her nearly 400 increasingly angry tweets after Tomita refused gifts that he sent her, which included books and a watch.

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