JB supermarket shopping frenzy sparked by Johor Crown Prince leaves behind an apocalyptic aftermath – here’s what it looks like

Aeon Mall supermarket had to resort to closing off certain sections in its premises after the chaos that erupted during Wednesday’s shopping spree.
Twitter/ Meow&MiniMeow

The Aeon Mall supermarket shopping frenzy in Tebrau City sparked by the Crown Prince of Johor’s generous offer on Wednesday (Apr 11) was probably seen as a celebratory affair for those who were in on the action.

But it has left supermarket staff struggling to pick up the pieces after the mania died down.

Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim made an unexpected appearance at the supermarket on Wednesday, announcing that he was offering to foot the grocery bills of shoppers, at RM3,000 ($773.89) per trolley.

What resulted was an hour-long retail wildfire that saw hundreds of shoppers scrambling to fill their trolleys with household items and shutters had to be brought down to hold back the growing crowd.

Now that the dust has settled, it’s not quite all business as usual for the Aeon supermarket.

In a Facebook post on Thursday morning,  Aeon Mall Tebrau City said that certain sections of the supermarket will be closed until further notice.

“Our Aeon Supermarket section at Aeon Mall Tebrau City is closed for this morning till further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused,” the post reads.

Only the vegetable and fish sections remain open to the public while the others are off limits to shoppers, reported The Star Online, noting that major stock replenishment was still underway.

In addition, the mess following the chaos left the supermarket’s workers with extra housekeeping duties, putting items and trolleys back into place before business can resume.

And it’s not only the supermarket staff who are having a bad day.

Shoppers who patronised Aeon Mall supermarket after the shopping spree were left disappointed when they arrived at barren shelves and looked for items that were out of stock.

Pictures of fully filled but abandoned trolleys and the utter disarray of the supermarket’s premises have also been circulated on social media.

Some social media users have likened the scene to the aftermath of a “zombie” apocalypse, such as Twitter user Meow&MiniMeow@MeowPhone who posted the following on Wednesday:

“Those who didn’t make it in time for their groceries to be paid by TMJ yesterday. Left by shoppers. Tears for Aeon Tebrau staff who have to put back the items. Like a zombie attack,” says the caption.