JJ Lin was blown away when he saw Jewel’s waterfall – and now there’s a song about it

The music video for JJ’s song was filmed in Jewel in July, Changi Airport said.
Facebook/Changi Airport

Love Jewel Changi Airport? Well, you’re not alone.

Singer-songwriter JJ Lin is also a fan – and apparently, was so moved by the sight of the Rain Vortex, he decided to write a song about it.

Lin standing in front of the Rain Vortex on the lower levels of Jewel Changi Airport.
Facebook/Changi Airport

A teaser for the song, titled The Right Time, was published on Monday (Aug 21) on the Facebook pages of Lin and Changi Airport.

Within two days, it garnered over 4.2 million views collectively.

The full music video, starring Lin and local actor Christopher Lee, will be released on August 26, Changi Airport said, adding that it was filmed in Jewel in July.

起飛前看一眼 每張我愛過的臉每個交錯和無緣都在潛意識挑選《對的時間點》這次邀請了一位神秘嘉賓主演新歌的MV,猜猜看是誰?Catch the 15s Teaser for my latest single music video “The Right Time”#林俊傑對的時間點

Posted by 林俊傑 JJ Lin on Monday, 19 August 2019

Lin wrote the music for the song, while its words were penned by Singaporean lyricist Xiaohan – the writer behind Lin’s other song, Little Big Us, as well as hits such as Stefanie Sun’s My Love and Rainy Day, Hebe Tian’s Ferris Wheel, Tanya Chua’s Bottomless Pit and Amphibian, and Gary Chao’s Mr Lonely, among others.

In a statement, Lin said he felt “a wave of emotions” when he first saw an artist’s impression of the Rain Vortex, which is the massive, 40-foot waterfall that forms the centre of the mall.

The singer was invited to view the mall’s model and the artist impressions before its opening in April, Business Insider understands. Lin then agreed to the collaboration.

The sight of the Rain Vortex immediately inspired him to produce the song, which is about “unplanned encounters” – given the airport’s role as a “hub for people around the world to meet and form new connections”, he said.

Lin added that he had a “special connection” to Changi Airport – as a student, he often spent time there revising for exams and eating with friends at its fast food outlets.

The 38-year-old singer, whose real name is Wayne Lin, is an alumnus of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Saint Andrew’s Junior College.

Describing it as a sanctuary for weary travellers to rest, Lin said most Singaporeans had fond memories of the airport as it gave them a “familiar sense of home”.

“I believe in life there’s always a perfect time and place for things to happen; for dreams to take flight, and for love stories to be formed,” he added.

Changi Airport Group spokesman Ivan Tan said Lin’s song amplified the mall’s “unique charm”.

“As a Singaporean brand, we are very proud to have worked with a home-grown and world-renowned talent,” he said. “We hope that through the universal language of music, more people will come to know Jewel from a different perspective.”

Lin has close to 4 million followers on Instagram and 50.8 million fans on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo.

When Business Insider checked the teaser video on Changi Airport’s page on Tuesday (August 21), most of the top comments were by tourists who had visited Singapore. Most of them left praise about the country, and the airport in particular.