Johor Crown Prince says there are people who want to oust him as president of football association

The top seat at the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) is hot, and many people are eyeing it for themselves, its president said in a press conference on Oct 4.

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim was addressing a claim by Football Malaysia LLP CEO Kevin Ramalingam that there was a conspiracy against him.

“Of course, they not only want to oust him (Kevin), they also want to oust me as president,” he said.

New Straits Times reported that the Crown Prince said that there were many in FAM who were also “dreaming of becoming the association’s head.”

He added that he was aware that some executive committee members want to appoint their own people. “But sorry, this is not a political party, this is a football association,” he was quoted as saying.

“Many in FAM ask the media to write all kinds of things with the hope that I will get fed up and leave so that they have a chance to become president,” he reportedly said.

He also firmly added that he wasn’t going to let it happen.