KL is apparently one of the world’s worst cities to live in, according to this study

KL was found to be one of the world’s unhealthiest cities to live in, according to a recent healthy city index.

KL’s inhabitants don’t know, but the city could be shaving years off their lives.

In a recent index ranking the healthiness of global cities worldwide, the Malaysian capital came in 80 out of 89, scoring low on life expectancy, air and water quality, and green areas. The researchers also observed that these factors would affect the lifespans of the city’s inhabitants.

The only Asian city ranked more unhealthy to live in than KL was Shanghai.

The index, created by online home rental company Spotahome, looked at the key health factors that help people live longer. Researchers then ranked each city for how healthy it is to live in, based on 10 factors including annual sunshine and the quality of gyms and exercise facilities.

Notably, KL came in top for having the least number of fast food outlets. Using locations taken off Tripadvisor, researchers found that KL has the world’s lowest ratio of fast food outlets to citizens.

But the city scored badly on life expectancy, was found to have low-quality gyms, and few parks and green spaces for people to relax in.

In addition, its workforce has a low number of annual leave days, and the city’s air and water quality are in the bottom 15 worldwide.

“We make decisions that affect our health every single day. But there’s one key thing that we forget to consider: the city that we’re living in,” researchers said in a statement. “It’s easier to stay healthy in a city with healthy social habits… but it’s much harder in cities with high levels of pollution, too many fast-food restaurants and not enough green space.”

The cities that ranked behind KL in the index include Sao Paulo, Cairo, and Casablanca.