A futuristic razor that shaves hair with a laser has raised nearly $4 million on Kickstarter

Skarp razor
Skarp Technologies

Shaving is a pain. Razors cause nicks, cuts, skin irritation, and razor burn.

But two Swedes think they have a solution: A razor that shaves hair with a laser, not a blade. They call it the Skarp Razor.

The project went nuts on Kickstarter but has now been kicked off the crowdfunding site over concerns that it didn’t have a working prototype.

As we previously reported, in its first 10 days, the Skarp raised $650,000, blowing by its funding goal of $160,000.

With eight days left, the project has now raised nearly $3.9 million.

People were excited because one of the razor’s inventors, Morgan Gustavsson, already invented the laser used by many professional laser hair-removal services.

But that laser has a limitation. It can only identify and cut dark hair. So it can’t be used to cut light, white, or gray hair.

He always wanted to invent a consumer razor but needed to solve the light-colored-hair problem first. Now he and his partner Paul Binun say they have.

They said they have found a part of the hair molecule, no matter what color, that can be identified and cut by a particular wavelength of light.

Raising so much money left the creators feeling “overwhelmed” by the response, they said in a new video.

Their video also addressed some concerns raised in the comments, such as ensuring the laser is safe and that it will only cut hair and not other body parts. They also talked about and how fast they can get the razor from prototype to product and promised to have the Skarp razor out by March 2016, costing $159.

That wasn’t enough for the Kickstarter, who booted it from the site, saying the project’s lack of a working prototype violated the site’s rules. So the project’s creators moved to Indiegogo, a site that’s more known for its buyer-beware fundraising terms of use, where it is still going gangbusters, already raising over $100,000 in its first 10 hours.