These slip-free yoga towels from Leus protect my mats from sweat and wear and tear, and have completely transformed my hot yoga practice


  • When I started practicing hot yoga, I found my inexpensive mat didn’t stand a chance against my pools of sweat – dampness lingered for days and the moisture started to wear on its durability
  • I never gave much thought to yoga mat towels and was skeptical they’d make much of a difference; then I used these yoga mat towels from Leus and now I don’t do yoga without one.
  • These soft, grippy mat towels absorb every drop of sweat to ensure a slip-free practice – plus, they come in eye-catching designs.

After growing up in hot and humid Florida, I still equate sweat with a solid workout. To be honest, exercise without sweat just doesn’t deliver the same mental or physical benefits for me. So, when I moved to a ski town right before a brutally cold winter last year, I immediately sought out the best hot yoga studio in town.

That studio quickly became my sanctuary during winter. The hot yoga classes left me feeling refreshed, revitalized, and stronger in body and mind. I especially enjoyed their heated power sculpt classes with weights – basically, yoga on steroids – that made me sweat more than I ever have in my life.

The only problem? My inexpensive yoga mat quickly started to show signs of wear, with tears and dampness that lingered for days. After just a few classes, I got seriously grossed out. Luckily, that’s when I discovered Leus yoga towels.

Leus yoga towels saved my yoga mat

The best part of using Leus yoga towels was that I didn’t have to invest in a new, pricier yoga mat. I could just lay a towel on top of my inexpensive mat to protect against sweat as well as wear and tear. Before this, I’d never given much thought to yoga mat towels. Sometimes I’d grab one of the little ones yoga studios provide but if they weren’t free, I’d usually practice without one altogether.

Looking back, I now see how wrong that was. Using these towels in my practice provides unparalleled grip, stability, and a soft, absorbent surface I can use to wipe off face sweat. The only issue that I’ve run into is that there’s a bit of a scrunching issue, especially in yoga sculpt classes when I’m jumping around a lot. But in any regular vinyasa flow classes, they stay put nicely.

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Leus towels are made with an antimicrobial, highly absorbent microfiber with a soft touch and rounded edges. At 68 inches by 24 inches, they fit most standard yoga mats, although they probably wouldn’t fit oversized versions. Leus also offers matching towels in smaller sizes, perfect for those who sweat heavily from their face (ahem, like me.)

These towels are a bit flatter and less plush than other yoga towels I’ve tried but to me, that’s an advantage. Not only does this make them easier to fold up and transport, but it also provides a solid base for yoga poses. I do recommend spraying them down with a water bottle before class begins to ensure you don’t slip and slide before getting sweaty. The towels are machine-washable, though Leus recommends hanging to dry.

Anything but plain

Besides the practical benefits of these yoga towels, Leus’ incredibly artistic designs further sold me on them. From a cheeky cacti print to colorful watermelons and a beautiful marble pattern, there’s a fun art style to match anyone’s aesthetic. The towel I use that gets the most compliments – and even shout-outs from yoga teachers mid-class – is the one that looks like a Twister board.

Plus, the designs look and feel fantastic. Leus uses a printing process that allows for high-quality images, without adding any stiffness that can sometimes occur on printed towels. If you’re not feeling the prints one day, no worries – the towels are reversible and each has a solid color on the other side.

I’ve also used these towels plenty of times in the summer outside of the yoga studio. They’re perfect to bring for picnics in the park, on a boat, or to the beach. In fact, I even brought a couple of towels to an outdoor concert. My friends and I had to sit in grass that was still damp from a rainstorm earlier but thanks to the towels’ super absorbent powers, we could hardly feel the wet grass beneath us.

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The company

Leus is a rad business in itself. It describes itself as a “collective tribe of all-day fun seekers, experience makers and pool party crashers linked by a common love of good times.” Its original products were beach towels designed with surfers in mind. Just check out these nifty changing ponchos that make it so easy to change out of wet bathing suits. Lucky for those of us who live in landlocked areas, they also make towels for general active uses, too, from yoga to golf.

The bottom line

For me, there are no drawbacks – except for the fact that I want to buy every single pattern. I’m sure that other yoga towels have similar absorption and grip abilities, but I haven’t come across any with such impressive designs.

If you’re a hot yoga devotee or even occasional dabbler, these towels are a must-have for your practice. Not only will they add grip and absorb all (seriously, every drop) of your sweat during class, they’ll also add a punch of color and personality to your practice.

  • Should you buy it? If enjoy hot yoga, then yes. Not only will it help absorb sweat but it also increases the durability of your yoga mat and provides and allows for a slip-free session. The fact they come in a variety of fun artistic designs is a nice touch, too.
  • What are your alternatives? You could use a normal gym towel if you’re in a pinch but Leus’ yoga mat towels are sized specifically for the shape and design of yoga mats. Manduka also makes a yoga mat towel that features the brand’s skid-less technology designed to keep you stable even if you’re covered in sweat.

Pros: Increases the durability of your yoga mat, helps absorb sweat during hot yoga sessions, comes in a variety of fun art designs

Cons: Adds bulk to your yoga bag