Chicken rice war reignited as Lim Guan Eng urged Malaysia to give Singapore a run for its money

Lim Guan Eng was speaking at the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre.

Malaysian Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng reignited the competitive spirit between Singapore and Malaysia when he told a group of entrepreneurs that the country should give its southern neighbour a run for their money in the economy.

The former Penang Chief Minister was speaking at the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre’s (MaGIC) Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) on Tuesday (June 19), where he urged the audience to have the “can-do spirit” so that they can “beat (Singapore) at their own game”.

He added he was not being “anti-Singapore” but merely motivating the crowd as he added  that many Malaysians are already working across the causeway and contributing to Singapore’s economy.

With tongue firmly in his cheek, Mr Lim then steered the topic to the age-old debate about the origins of chicken rice, which both countries have laid claim to inventing.

“(They say) chicken rice is theirs (and) if we’re not careful, ‘char koay teow‘ will become theirs (one day too),” he told the audience to laughter and applause, “Malaysia can be identified by quality – we are led by a young government but also by the oldest prime minister in the world – that is quality.”

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