LinkedIn just named Sarawak and Kedah Malaysia’s ‘hidden gems’ of tech talent

Sarawak, alongside Kedah, was named by LinkedIn as a state with a ready supply of of tech talent.

Hiring digital talent? Why not try looking in Sarawak and Kedah?

These states were identified by professional networking site LinkedIn as “hidden gem” locations – places in Malaysia where the supply of tech talent actually exceeded demand, the company said in its 2019 Emerging Jobs in Malaysia Report published on Tuesday (Jan 29).

In its report, LinkedIn analysed “millions” of job titles listed by users in Malaysia to find out the top emerging jobs for the country. These were: data scientist, full stack engineer, drive test engineer, user experience designer and content writer.


These jobs were all related to technology, and most  required soft skills like management, understanding data, and communication, making them “hybrid” roles spanning both new and traditional job scopes, the company said.

LinkedIn’s vice president of talent and learning solutions for APAC, Feon Ang, added that hybrid jobs were “emerging more rapidly than at any other time in history”, with many of them created just five years ago.

LinkedIn said the reason behind the surging demand for tech talent in Malaysia was primarily due to e-commerce, which Malaysia has been a “particularly early adopter” of – resulting in many organisations looking for tech talent to help take their businesses online.

These include businesses in traditional sectors like agriculture and manufacturing, which are now using technology to track data for quality control purposes.


However – much like in many places worldwide – the supply of tech talent in Malaysia is “comparatively low”, LinkedIn said.

Researchers identified Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Selangor as the three states with the highest supply of digital talent in the country, but added that organisations should also look for talent in states like Sarawak and Kedah.


It added that by 2021, digital transformation was expected to add RM41 billion (US$10 billion) to the Malaysia’s economy, with digital products and services accounting for nearly half of the country’s income.

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