LinkedIn says these 5 jobs are huge right now – and here’s where they hire from

All of today’s hottest jobs are related to the tech and digital fields.

Linkedin has analysed the profiles of its two million Singapore users, and researchers say they’ve identified the five hottest jobs in the workforce.

The company analysed the change in people’s job titles from 2013 to 2017, and selected five jobs that had the largest increase in professionals in the last five years.

“Jobs that sounded obscure and niche yesterday are suddenly commonplace today,” the report said. “New jobs are emerging more rapidly than at any other time in history.”

Business Insider summarised the five jobs, and the researcher’s comments about each one:

#5: Content Specialist

Hiring history: Digital Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Editor

The Linkedin study found this role unique to Singapore, because of its status as the regional headquarters for many global businesses that require English content localised for Asian markets.

This role requires strong communication skills and the ability to “tell a compelling story”.

But the report cautioned that with Singapore’s low emphasis on humanities subjects, most of these jobs in the future may be snapped up by talent from the UK, Australia and India.


#4: Head of Digital

Hiring history: Digital Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Head of IT

According to the Linkedin, this role is growing in popularity because financial institutions, like banks, are now investing heavily in digital capabilities.

The role requires tech, communication and management skills.


#3: UX Designer

Hiring history: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Art Director

Given the rise in digital, UX designers are key to making websites and products easier to use. Linkedin said this role requires hard skills like coding and prototyping, alongside soft skills like analysis, collaboration, and prioritization.


#2: Cyber Security Specialist

Hiring history: Information Specialist, Security Consultant

With a rising number of hacking incidents and data leaks, demand for this role is high. But there’s currently a shortage of cyber security professionals worldwide, and Singapore is scrambling to train up people for the role.

Apart from strong IT skills, cyber security specialists must also educate people on avoiding socially-engineered cyber attacks, like phishing emails.


#1: Data Scientist

Hiring history: Researchers, Research Assistants, Software Engineers

The data scientist role is Singapore’s fastest emerging job, and is seeing the highest demand, the report said. Linkedin added that many data scientists are scholars from academia, like PhD holders, attracted by the “stimulating” and “influential” projects companies are offering.