YouTuber Logan Paul and former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown are teasing a possible boxing match

  • YouTuber Logan Paul and former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown traded online jabs teasing a potential boxing match.
  • Paul has successfully pulled off two pay-per-view fights against fellow YouTuber KSI, turning spectacle fights into big-money events.
  • While the feud between Paul and Brown might prove to just be bluster, it’s impossible to rule anything out.
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Logan Paul may have found his next opponent.

The YouTuber-turned-sensationalist boxer responded to a Twitter jab from former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown on Monday night.

“Square up @LoganPaul,” Brown wrote.

“I’d drop you faster than the Patriots,” Paul replied.

The thought of Paul getting in the ring with a professional athlete might seem absurd at first, but after the success of his two fights with fellow YouTuber KSI, a big-money boxing match against any potential opponent of interest doesn’t feel out of the question.

Brown began the NFL year as the Raiders superstar signing but was dropped by the team after an extended drama surrounding the use of his preferred helmet. The New England Patriots picked up Brown but dropped him days later amidst allegations of sexual assault brought by his former trainer.

Since then, Brown has been posting online, alternating between rambling half-apologies on Instagram, and writing songs with Sean Kingston.

While there’s still plenty left to do before any sort of fight between Paul and Brown could become official, DAZN, a streaming service that broadcasts some of the biggest fights in boxing, seemed to indicate they’d be interested in seeing the fight happen.

And bookmakers are already preparing for the potential bout, with Paul being listed as the early, heavy favorite over Brown.

While this could all ultimately amount to some simple online teasing between the two parties, Paul has already proven an ability to bring events like this to life.

After Mayweather-McGregor became a reality in the boxing ring, it’s impossible to count anything out.

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