Lower toll charges at Tuas Second Link may pave way for less congestion during peak hours: Singapore’s LTA

From April 1, Singapore reduced its toll charges at Tuas Second Link to match that of Malaysia in a joint effort to reduce peak hour congestion.
The Straits Times

After nearly two months since Malaysia lowered its off-peak toll rates at the Second Link in Tuas, Singapore has followed suit by reducing its own toll charges starting Sunday (Apr 1).

According to a news release by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Monday (Apr 2), the move is in line with Singapore’s long-standing policy of matching Malaysia’s toll adjustments.

In a statement made on Feb 9, LTA said the policy’s objective is to reduce peak hour congestion along the Second Link and Woodlands Causeway.

Starting Sunday (Apr 1), Singapore’s toll charges for all vehicles (excluding motorcycles) leaving and entering Singapore through Tuas Checkpoint during off-peak hours have been adjusted to more than 85% less than they were before.

Previously, it would cost S$6.40 ($4.89) for cars to make a round trip via the Tuas Checkpoint. This has now been reduced to S$2.60 during the off-peak period.

The LTA said in February that it also intends to revise peak period tolls to adjust for changes in exchange rates since the tolls were last set in 2010.

Land Transport Authority

No changes will be made to toll charges at Woodlands Checkpoint.