Mahathir just said Thanos is his favourite Avengers character – but netizens have been comparing the two since GE14

It turns out Thanos is Captain Malaysia’s favourite character in the film franchise.
Marvel, Reuters

Who’s your favourite Avengers character? Maybe it’s the hunky Thor, the brainy Iron Man, or Captain America and his cute butt?

Well, for Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, it’s none of these. Instead, he’s firmly in camp Thanos.

The nonagenarian, who attended a Marvel-themed exhibition in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday (June 27), said his top choice of character was “the big one”, The New Straits Times reported.

The PM subsequently confirmed that he was referring to Thanos: intergalactic dictator, purple-hued titan and Avengers villain.

Mahathir did not provide an explanation on why he liked Thanos best, but comparisons between the PM and the character were rife on Malaysian social media in the lead up to GE14 last year.

Netizens paralleled Thanos’ plan to collect six infinity stones to wipe out half the universe to Mahathir’s GE14 campaign, where he gathered six political parties to form the PH coalition, which later pulled off a shock victory at the elections and wiped out the incumbent Barisan Nasional party.

Some even made a soul stone reference, comparing Anwar’s unlikely reconciliation with Mahathir to him metaphorically selling his soul.

But at least one theory out there posits that Mahathir is Nick Fury, and not “the real villian”.

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