Former pop idol Hady Mirza arrested for marijuana offences – and now, he’s in rehab

Former Singapore Idol and Asian Idol winner Hady Mirza was arrested last month for marijuana-related offences.
Berita Harian

Speculations of Asian Idol winner Hady Mirza’s entanglement with drugs have been confirmed after he was spotted in Singapore’s Changi Prison last month. The former singer was there to attend rehab sessions.

Hady, who often shuttles between Singapore and Malaysia – where his mother and wife reside – was arrested for marijuana consumption at an immigration checkpoint last month, according to The New Paper.

Sources close to the former idol’s family told media that initially, no one but his closest family knew of the arrest.

He now faces up to three years in rehab, but, like other inmates at Changi Prison’s drug rehabilitation centre, will be spared a criminal record upon release.