Malaysia Airlines apologises for 2.5-hour delay that caused the Defence Minister to miss meeting with Mahathir: Report

The plane was supposed to arrive in London at 5.55am, but only reached at 8.26am.
The Straits Times

National carrier Malaysia Airlines has apologised for a plane delay that caused the country’s Defence Minister to miss an “important” meeting with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, The Star has reported.

Mohamad Sabu’s MH002 flight from Kuala Lumpur on June 15 had been delayed for two and a half hours due to a technical issue, The Star reported the airline as saying on Tuesday (June 25).

The plane was supposed to arrive in London at 5.55am the next day, but only reached at 8.26am.

According to the report, the airline was aware of the Minister’s meeting.

“[We] spared no expense to ensure that the aircraft was safe to fly, as safety is of the utmost importance,” it said in a statement.

It added that it made arrangements for the minister’s swift clearance upon arrival, and arranged for alternative flights for his entourage.

The airline’s apology comes a day after the minister posted an official letter on Twitter calling out the flight delay, spelling out an expectation that it would not be repeated in the future.

“This inconvenience is much regretted and it is hoped that Malaysia Airlines will not repeat this in future,” it read.

According to a translation of the letter by the Malay Mail, the minister had flown to London just for the meeting.

Mahathir was in London and on his way to Paris for an official visit, it added.

The airline has been plagued with problems in recent years, including management troubles and a failure to break even for five straight years.

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In the latest Skytrax ranking, it fell to 36th place, despite coming in 14th just six years ago.

Last week, Mahathir announced that Malaysia would consider selling the airline as long as it received a good offer for it, Bernama reported.

In March, the PM said the Government had received several offers for the airline from local and foreign firms.

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