Malaysia Airports demanded AirAsia take down ‘false’ articles about MAHB from their website – and of course, they said no

A check on AirAsia’s site showed articles covering the dispute, with titles such as “MAHB is duplicitous and misleading in its arguments”.

Having turned down mediation over a passenger service charge dispute,  Malaysia Airports (MAHB) is now demanding AirAsia remove “false” articles about the company from its website.

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MAHB said in a statement on Monday (Jan 11) that AirAsia had published “several inaccurate and misleading articles” about the group on its online newsroom.

While it did not indicate which articles these were, a check on AirAsia’s site showed several articles covering the dispute, with titles such as “MAHB is duplicitous and misleading in its arguments” and “MAHB’s record profits come at a cost to the Malaysian economy and tourism industry”.

MAHB added that it had sent the carrier a letter of demand to remove the articles and stop publishing more of them.

“While Malaysia Airports takes no issue with AirAsia informing its shareholders of the progress and status of court suits in accordance with the law, AirAsia has overstepped its boundaries,” MAHB said, adding that since the dispute was being handled in court, there was “no necessity for AirAsia to make disparaging remarks about Malaysia Airports”.

It also threatened to take further legal action if AirAsia did not comply with its demands.

The budget carrier responded later that day with its own statement, saying it was simply “responding” to MAHB’s legal suits, and the newsroom served as a way to clarify “claims made about AirAsia in the media”.

AirAsia Malaysia CEO Riad Asmat and AirAsia X Malaysia CEO Benyamin Ismail said in the statement that they were “not surprised by another legal response” from MAHB, and accused the airport operator of using its “dominant position” to “stifle and suppress fair comments”.

The airline added that it stood by its statements and would also be defending them with legal action if required.


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