Malaysia ranked 39th in a list of the world’s 50 sexiest accents – and Singapore didn’t even make the cut

A travel site which ranked the 50 sexiest accents in the world noted that Malaysian accents are becoming increasingly Americanised.
The Straits Times

As it turns out, Malaysians’ voices are more melodious than their counterparts in China, Japan and Thailand, according a poll published by travel site Big 7 Travel on Sunday (April 28).

The site, which serves primarily millennials, has over 1.5 million readers across seven continents.

It said it asked readers to rank accents across the world to find “the world’s sexiest accent for 2019”. The honour went to New Zealand’s Kiwi dialect, which it described as “outrageously charming”.

This was followed by Afrikaans (“unique tones”) and Irish (“lilting”). Rounding out the top five were Italian (“any word in Italian sounds sexy”) and Australian (“pronouncing words long and slow… a real turn on”).

The few Asian accents that made it into the top 50 were Filippino (21st place), Vietnamese (25th), Indian (26th), Malaysian (39th), Japanese (42nd), Chinese (43rd), Pakistani (43rd) and Thai (48th).

Singapore and Indonesia did not make the list.

The site described the Filippino accent as “gentle and soft”, but that the Thai language, while tonal, was “not hugely sexy”. It also noted that Malaysian accents were becoming increasingly Americanised.