Malaysian 24/7 bookstore BookXcess just opened a week ago – and shoppers are already turning it into a mess

BookXcess’ shoppers are leaving behind a mess.

New bookstore BookXcess may have only opened last Tuesday (May 29), but it turns out that some folks might already be taking advantage of the biggest bookstore in Malaysia.

The shop, which is opened all day every day, attracted a positive reception when it first opened, attracting rave reviews from customers that enjoyed the wide open concept of the store at Tamarind Square in Cyberjaya.

Now, some social media users have found that some shoppers are not treating the 37,000 square feet store with respect.

Twitter user Syarah Basirah has documented the mess that some people have been leaving BookXcess in:

Some books have had their shrink-wraps removed even though the store has provided display copies for customers.

Half-drunk bottles of water and other personal items carelessly discarded have also been pictured.

Syarah’s tweet has gone viral, amassing almost 7700 retweets at the time of writing. Other social media users have also chimed in:

BookXcess, which carries half a million books, has yet to comment on the photos.