Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister condemns cleric’s claim that only Malays fought for the country

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi condemned cleric’s claim that only Malays fought for the country
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Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid has condemned a claim by a Muslim cleric from a conservative Islamic coalition, that only Malays had fought against communists, British colonialists, and Japanese occupiers, reported Free Malaysia Today.

Speaking during a press conference at the Malaysian Institute of Integrity on Tuesday (Jan 16), he said: “In this matter, the assertion that only one race had struggled is in my opinion not accurate.”

He also added that history had recorded many contributions from ethnic minorities.

Chairman of Ummah, an umbrella group for Muslim organisations, Ismail Mina Ahmad, had claimed that only Malays had battled the communists during a speech peppered with racial and religious slurs on Jan 13, reported The Malay Mail Online.

“I want to tell you now, despite other races having been in the country then, only the Malays fought against the Siamese, the British, the Japanese,” said Ismail.

“And most importantly – listen to this – only the Malays were targeted by the ‘three stars’,” he added, referring to the defunct Communist Party of Malaya.

He went on to say that the community had to focus its attention and resources on developing a Malay political supremacy to avoid a minority takeover.

“We gave them (minorities) the opportunity to become citizens.. but now they even want to be a prime minister. The only thing they haven’t demanded for is to be King”.

Both Muslims and non-Muslims Malaysians weren’t having it with many referring to his rant as “fake news”:

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While others were simply appalled:

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