One-third of young Malaysians are experiencing a quarter-life crisis due to personal and professional pressures: Survey

According to a LinkedIn survey, one in three young Malaysian adults have experienced or are currently going through a quarter-life crisis.

To many, turning 30 is the dawning of a new era of adulthood and hopefully certain targets are met before that big birthday bash.

But young Malaysians are increasing feeling the heat to success professionally and on a personal level before they hit the Big 3-0.

A recent survey by professional networking site LinkedIn showed that one in three young Malaysians in their 20s or 30s are experiencing what psychologists might call the “quarter-life crisis” which can cause anxiety or depression among young people of both genders.

The survey involved just over 1,000 young working Malaysians with 32% of the men and 29% of the women saying they have definitely experienced a quarter-life crisis, said a statement from LinkedIn on Monday (April 23).

In fact, three-quarters of them felt pressured to succeed in relationships, career or finances, even though the majority of both genders already have full-time jobs.

Finding a job or career that they were actually passionate about also resulted in a major trigger in anxiety for these young adults, with 53% of men and 57% of women echoing that sentiment.

LinkedIn’s head of communications for Southeast and North Asia Ms Linda Lee said: “It’s so important to seek advice or find a mentor when you are facing pressure within and outside the workplace.

“Talking to someone you can trust will help you assess, address and beat that quarter-life crisis.”

Almost half of Malaysian millennials (48%) feel stuck in their current role and are looking for a way out but the survey suggests that they just don’t have the right connections.

This has resulted in them changing careers entirely instead of considering other options.

Recommendations to keep a quarter-life crisis at bay range from seeking advice from the right people such as work colleagues to learning and improving on relevant skills.