Malaysia’s biggest ever bookstore BookXcess has opened – and you can visit it all day every day

BookXcess is Malaysia’s biggest bookstore ever and it’s also opened 24 hours a day.

Bookworms in Kuala Lumpur be warned, once you enter new bookstore BookXcess, you may never want to leave. And that’s fine because it actually stays open 24/7.

BookXcess is Malaysia’s biggest bookstore ever, and it welcomed its first customers on Tuesday (May 29) at Tamarind Square in Cyberjaya.

The location of the new bookstore.

The 37,000 square feet store has not only two event spaces, but a cafe and stage area as well. Its Facebook page states that it carries half a million books for all ages, and there is an on-going discount of 20 per cent off purchases until June 3.

BookXcess boasts different activity spaces.

The store is extremely spacious, and has a wide range of available books.

There are also private spaces for those who want to just relax and read.

There are sitting areas for you to browse and check out the 500,000 books on sale.

BookXcess looks off to a good start as social media users who have visited it are expressing their love for the store.