Malaysia’s largest data breach could involve a whopping 46.2 million telco subscribers – here’s what’s at risk

Technology is a double-edged sword, and Malaysians all over the country may have to face the pains of dealing with its blade very soon.

A report on news website has revealed that a possible telco data breach may have exposed the personal information of 46.2 million postpaid and prepaid subscribers in Malaysia. added that it could confirm at least three databases from the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), and Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) had also been breached.

If the report is accurate, it will mean one of Malaysia’s largest ever data breaches.

According to the site, the 2014 leak involves customers’ personal details such as MyKad numbers and addresses, as well as sim card information.

“Time stamps on the files we downloaded indicate the leaked data was last updated between May and July 2014 between the various telcos,” said in its report.

Data breaches can often result in not just phone and messaging scams, but also more serious crimes such as fraud and identity theft.

While there is nothing much consumers can do at the moment, an expert quoted by The Star recommended affected consumers change their SIM cards.

Malaysian police are now looking into the alleged leak.