Malaysia’s most expensive wedding shoes cost US$1.2 million – and only one person has been lucky enough to wear them on her wedding day

The Most Expensive Wedding Shoes in Malaysia cost RM5 million, according to The Malaysia Book of Records.
Facebook / The Malaysia Book of Records

With diamonds and gold on her wedding shoes, what more can a bride ask for?

A pair of wedding shoes – made with Italian T. Rasso silk, and adorned with 88.88gm of 18k white gold and 1,188 diamonds worth a combined total of 32 carats – just made it to The Malaysia Book of Records.

Valued at RM5 million (US$1.2 million), the shoes have been given the title of “The Most Expensive Wedding Shoes” in Malaysia.

Created by footwear company Lewré Bespoke and jewellers Cartivia Italy, the four-inch heels were designed by Lewré Bespoke founder Datuk Lewré Lew.

Datuk Lewré Lew working on the details.
Facebook / The Malaysia Book of Records

Datuk Lewré Lew adjusts the wedding shoe’s decoration.
Facebook / The Malaysia Book of Records

So far, one lucky person has put them on for her wedding day. In fact, they were practically designed for Malaysia Book of Records’ director of business development, Gillian Ooi.

Ooi wore the shoes for her own wedding on Oct 21 this year.

Datuk Lewré Lew designed the RM5 million wedding shoes for Gillian Ooi.
Facebook / The Malaysia Book of Records

Facebook / The Malaysia Book of Records

The idea behind the record-breaking shoes was born when Ooi approached Lew to design her wedding shoes, Malay Mail reported.

In a Facebook video posted by The Malaysia Book of Records, Ooi said: “As the director, I would like to really set (an example) to encourage people to break records.”

Lew adapted the design from the brand’s upcoming “I Love You” premium collection of 12 designs, featuring different birthstones.

The shoes will be stored privately until potential buyers express interest, the report said.