Man cannot forget ‘sweet’ and ‘kind’ female he met during Malaysian general election – three months later, he decides to place an ad to search for her

Unable to forget a female stranger he met three months ago, a man places an ad in the newspaper to reconnect with her.

A man who can’t stop thinking about a woman he met during Malaysia’s recent historic general election has taken out an ad in the local newspaper to reconnect with her, reported The Star.

Known only as Gan, the Sabahan hopes to meet the female stranger he shared an umbrella with on May 9 again. The English ad was published on Wednesday (Aug 29) and has since gone viral on the internet.

Titled “Looking for a Lady I Met on 9th May 2018”, the opening line reads: “I’m Gan looking for the lady that I met in the St Francis Secondary School polling station on election day.”

It continues with more details of their chanced encounter: “You were so sweet and kind to shelter me with your umbrella, we had a good chat. You went to your car to get your outer shirt. We had to split when it was our turn to vote and I failed to ask you for your handphone number.”

The ad finishes in a rather straightforward tone: “I’d like to see you again. Please SMS or WhatsApp me at 012-835 8467. I await to hear from you. Regards Gan.”

When contacted by The Star, Gan described the woman as “cute with short hair and about 160 cm tall”. He said they chatted for about 20 minutes “like old friends” but parted ways after casting their votes.

“I can’t get her off my mind. I hope to see her again, maybe go out for a cup of coffee,” he told the newspaper.

He added all he wants is “friendship” and nobody has contacted him yet, when a reporter spoke to him on Thursday.

But Gan is not giving up hope and said he placed the ad after his friends encouraged him to because he could not stop talking about the female stranger for the last three months.