Man shot dead after holding 2-year-old girl at knifepoint for 5 hours in Sabah apartment – here’s what we know

A 30-year-old man – who held a two-year-old girl hostage at knifepoint – was shot dead by the police after a five-hour standoff at the Ria Apartments in Telipok on Jan 13.
YouTube / The Star Online

A knife-wielding man was shot dead by a police sharpshooter after he held a two-year-old girl hostage for five hours at housing complex on Sunday (Jan 13), The Star reported.

According to The Star, the girl was held with a knife to her neck at the Telipok Ria apartments in Sabah from around 12:30pm. At 4:30pm, the police were alerted to the matter, and officers spent over an hour negotiating with the 30-year-old man, reported Malay Mail.

According to the news website, Sabah police commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah said that during negotiations, the man “persisted in holding the knife at her neck which caused a slight cut there”.

He was eventually shot when he threatened to throw the child off the building, the report said.

Omar added that the girl was rushed to the Likas Women and Children’s Hospital after the incident.

According to Bernama, a hospital spokesman said the girl was in stable condition and was being taken care of by specialists.

Girl was playing along corridor

In a separate article, Bernama reported that according to eyewitnesses, the girl was playing along the corridor of the four-storey apartment block when she was grabbed by the suspect.

An eye-witness was quoted by Bernama as saying: “The suspect then pulled out a a knife before pointing it to the neck of the child and then took her up into a room at one of the houses on the top floor.

“After that I shouted out saying there was a ‘child thief’ before the neighbours came to help,” he was quoted as saying.

The residents then broken down the front door of the house where the child was held.

“But then, the suspect was in the toilet while spurting water over the girl, and at the same time threatening us and telling us not to get near the child,” the eye-witness reportedly said.

Although the girl suffered injuries, she did not cry, he told Malay Mail.

Family did not know the suspect

It is still unclear why the suspect decided to hold the girl hostage.

Bernama reported that the suspect did not make any threats or requests during negotiations, and the police commissioner said that he could have been mentally ill.

According to Bernama, the girl’s grandmother said the family did not know the suspect, and that she only learnt about her grandchild’s abduction after realising the commotion in the area.

“We don’t know him at all and have never seen the man (suspect),” she was quoted as saying.

The girl’s aunt reportedly also said that the child’s mother was at home when the incident occurred. She added that her mother only realised what had happened after a neighbour notified her that her daughter had been abducted and locked inside a neighbour’s house.