McDonald’s is now selling cheese teas in Hong Kong

McDonald’s Hong Kong

Just when you thought the bubble tea trend could not get any bigger, someone somewhere decides to surprise you with yet another fancy (or unusual) tea product.

In Hong Kong, where dedicated bubble tea shops can command waiting times of close to three hours long, even fast food giant McDonald’s has entered the fray and is now serving cheese teas at its McCafe counters.

The cheese teas (and coffee) – topped with European and New Zealand cheese – come in six flavours and are priced from HK$25 (US$3, S$4.40). The cheese-topped drinks currently available are: four seasons tea, berries tea, mango tea, long black coffee cheesecap, matcha and salted caramel latte.

Cheese teas, which are usually topped with a layer of foam made with salt and cheese, are just one of the many fancy bubble tea concoctions that have exploded in popularity across Asia in the past two years. Some of the most famous cheese tea brands include Heytea and Nayuki, both from China, and Singapore’s LiHO.

While it doesn’t look like McCafe Hong Kong is offering pearls as a topping option, with the way things are going, we wouldn’t be surprised if McBoba becomes a reality soon.

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