Melissa McCarthy has an Etsy ‘obsession’ and says she’s ‘addicted’ to buying giant animal sculptures for her backyard

Melissa McCarthy reveals her love of giant animal sculptures.

Melissa McCarthy reveals her love of giant animal sculptures.
YouTube/The Late Late Show with James Corden
  • Melissa McCarthy is “obsessed” with online handmade product retailer Etsy.
  • In particular, she says she’s “addicted” to buying life-size animal sculptures for her garden, the actor admitted to James Corden.
  • It was actually her costar Elisabeth Moss who encouraged her to buy a huge yellow fiberglass horse recently.
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We all have guilty pleasure online shopping habits – maybe you find yourself adding endless pairs of shoes to your virtual shopping basket after a bottle of wine, or perhaps homeware retail therapy is your drug of choice at the end of a long week.

Not Melissa McCarthy, though.

McCarthy’s weakness is life-size animal sculptures, and she’s particularly fond of purchasing them from online retailer of handmade goods, Etsy.

Speaking on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Wednesday, McCarthy revealed her penchant for buying huge fiberglass animals on the site, particularly if she finds herself up at 4-6 a.m.

“It’s just like there’s a wind tunnel in my living room,” McCarthy said of the draw she feels to the site.

The actor likened her addiction to the compulsion people feel to exercise. “Like I exercise too much and I go on Etsy too much,” she said, giving a wink to the audience.

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McCarthy also disclosed that her “The Kitchen” costar Elisabeth Moss is “a great enabler,” and encouraged her to make her one of her latest purchases: a giant fiberglass yellow horse.

“She showed me something she wanted to buy online,” Moss said. “Do you mind if I tell them what it is?” she asked McCarthy.

“No I don’t,” replied the “Bridesmaids” star. “I’m proud of it. Tell everyone.”

“As you should be,”continued Moss. “It was a giant fiberglass yellow horse.”

Corden then interjected to ask McCarthy if it’s true that she’s “into big animals in the garden” and has “huge gorillas” in her garden.

“Well when you say it like that, yes,” McCarthy admitted.

“It was life-size,” Moss continued. McCarthy asked her colleague if she should buy it, and Moss said yes.

“Literally my eyes went to hearts and I was like, ‘You’re everything I’ve ever wanted you to be,'” McCarthy said, adding that the horse is currently in her backyard.

And Moss admitted that McCarthy’s “obsession” with Etsy has led to her discovering a love for it too.