Melissa McCarthy takes Sean Spicer ‘SNL’ impression to the streets of New York, cruising through Midtown on her motorized podium

Melissa McCarthy took her famous White House press secretary impression to the streets of New York on Friday morning, cruising through Midtown Manhattan on a motorized podium.

Hopefully it’s a preview of what’s to come on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, where McCarthy has repeatedly played President Donald Trump’s main spokesman, Sean Spicer. She is hosting this weekend’s episode.

@melissamccarthy as”Spicey” takes off down 58th St outside @CNN offices for the filming, 2017

Twitter users posted various videos of McCarthy motoring past CNN’s offices on 58th Street, unperturbed by traffic:

So guys…this just happenedon 59th St in NYC. @melissamccarthy @NBCSN #Spicey 12,2017

Melissa McCarthy has the SeanSpicer podium on 58th Street right now #SNL 12,2017

Spicer garnered some criticism this week after The Washington Post reported he huddled with his staff “in the bushes” on Wednesday to avoid talking to reporters after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. (The paper later issued a correction that he was “among” the bushes near television sets on the White House grounds, not in them.)

McCarthy also mocked that incident in a GIF she posted to her Instagram account on Thursday, which she captioned, “Straight out da bushes.”

Straight out da bushes @nbcsnl #snllivecoasttocoast #snl

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After McCarthy’s first appearance as an easily excitable Spicer in February, the press secretary said he thought “it was cute,” though the White House was reportedly “rattled” that he was played by a woman.

Here’s a promo for the upcoming episode, which features McCarthy gradually transforming into Spicer: