Miss Universe Malaysia’s nasi lemak-inspired national costume sparks mixed sentiments

So realistic you can even eat it? Probably not.

First, there was the nasi lemak burger. Then came the nasi lemak condom.

But now a nasi lemak dress is set to ensure Malaysia stakes claim over the dish well-loved by its neighbours – and it’s far out.

Let’s just say you probably won’t look at nasi lemak the same way again.

The dress will be worn by Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha Katie James at the national costume segment of the 66th edition of the international pageant to be held in Las Vegas on Nov 26.

The outfit which was unveiled on Oct 31 in Petaling Jaya, comes complete with what looks like rice, sambal, ikan bilis (anchovies), a sunny-side-up egg and a pair of banana leaf wings. It’s so realistic, you can’t make this up.

At the unveiling, Ms James, 22, who is Chinese-Brazilian, sashayed the number which is a creation of local designer Brian Khoo.

Khoo took a month to make it and apparently spent about 400 embroidering rhinestones onto the dress, reported Says.

And judging by reactions, public sentiments are split right down the middle.

One thing to note: This isn’t the first bizzare national costume to come out of Malaysia.

Last year, Miss Universe Malaysia Kiran Jassal, wore an attention-grabbing silver jumpsuit bearing the Petronas Twin Towers on her sleeves.

Perhaps Khoo took a leaf (pun intended) out of Lady Gaga’s book from the time she showed up at 2010’s MTV VMAs in her now-infamous meat dress?

Your guess is as good as ours.