More than a year after it was stolen, social media helps woman find the last RM10 note her dad gave her before he died

Anne Malar Yesudass (right) said her father handed her the RM10 bill before being unexpectedly killed in an accident.
Facebook/ Hyza Ezany, Anne Malar Yesudass

It was missing for a whole year, but all it took was one weekend for the power of social media to reunite a stolen RM10 note with its rightful owner.

Anne Malar Yesudass from Alor Gajah in Malaysia wrote on Facebook that the RM10 note was the “most valuable thing” in her life.

In a post on Sunday (Dec 1), Yesudass said that the note was given to her by her dad on May 21, 2010.

The 26-year-old said that her dad had dropped her off at school at 7.10am before being killed in an accident later the same day.

“I kept this cash with me in my purse since,” she wrote. However, while attending a camp in Melaka on September 1 last year, her purse was stolen.

“I was not sad that my purse was stolen… But I was terribly sad that this valuable thing of my life was stolen together,” she wrote.

“There was always ache in my heart whenever I (thought) of it,” she added.

Then, on Sunday, her sister sent her a WhatsApp message with a photo of the RM10 note on a stranger’s social media account.

That stranger, whose name is listed on Facebook as Hyza Ezany, had found the note and noticed a message scribbled on it.

“The last cash given by my dad on 21/10/2010 Friday 7.10am,” the messaged said. Below it was another message that said: “I (heart) you dad.”

Sensing that the note had an unusual history and meant a lot to someone else, the CIMB employee from Melaka took to Facebook to search for the author of those messages.

It didn’t take long for social media to band together on a mission to find the note’s owner. In just one day, Yesudass was alerted and identified as the note’s owner.

The Nov 30 post by Hyza has been shared more than 25,000 times at press time.

“I really, really feel so blessed,” Yesudass wrote on Sunday, thanking Hyza for her kindness.

“Thanks for all those kindhearted people who shared it as well… and all the thoughtful comments,” she wrote.

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