Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor took a break from the 1MDB scandal – crooned Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ and more at a Hari Raya event

Ex-prime minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor sang karaoke to entertain guests at a Hari Raya event.
Facebook/JZ Dale Eusoff

Despite being caught in the midst of the 1MDB scandal, it appears that neither Najib Razak or his wife Rosmah Mansor were affected by the controversy surrounding them.

The ex-first couple were pictured at a Hari Raya event hosted by their friends and supporters on Sunday (June 24) where they even participated in the festivities by singing songs and entertaining guests, The Malaysian Insight reported.

The event, organised by social media activist Daniel Goh, was held at a luxurious event space called The Diplomat KL. 500 people attended the function.

Former Gerakan and Parti Cinta Malaysia leader Huan Cheng Guan was also at the event, and he said that it was a gathering meant to “remember (Najib’s) contributions and to cheer (Najib) up a bit”.

The event was also apparently funded by the guests, who all chipped in to pay for it.

Rosmah repaid the favour and entertained the crowd by singing the hit song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran:

Najib also joined in the fun later on, when he sang two songs,  “The Young Ones”by Cliff Richard and Vengaboy’s “Shalala lala”:

Najib later gave a speech to the crowd. He told them if he’d won the election again, he would make Malaysia a “a first-rate nation”.

He shared he had a “complete plan from Perlis to Sabah”, and blamed his loss on “politics of hate, lies, and false promises” from his political rivals.

The 64-year-old ended off by saying that “although we are out of power, dreams never die (because) a strong vision will never go away”.

“Starting today, we will be together in building a new Malaysia that we can be proud of. Hidup Malaysia!”, Najib added.