Everything we know about the OnePlus 6, one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2018


OnePlus smartphones have become the smartphone to buy if you value sleek looks, stock Android, astounding and unbeatable performance, and a value-driven price tag.

Now, we have a bunch of confirmed information about the company’s upcoming smartphone, the OnePlus 6.

Some of the specs aren’t entirely surprising, like the choice of processor. But OnePlus did confirm that its new device will come with a notch. Apart from that, the rest of the device’s design is still up for debate.

Check out what we know about the OnePlus 6:

It’ll be incredibly fast.

OnePlus confirmed the OnePlus 6 will run on the Snapdragon 845 chip from Qualcomm, which is the latest and fastest chip turning the wheels inside the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Despite the fact the OnePlus 6 will run on the same chip as the Galaxy S9, it’s likely to feel even faster. The OnePlus 5T, for example, ran on the same Snapdragon 835 chip as the Galaxy S8 and other high-end Android smartphones, but it felt faster and snappier than its competitors.

It’ll handle anything you can possibly throw at it, thanks to plenty of RAM.

The OnePlus 5T.
Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

Along with the most powerful mobile processor, the OnePlus 6 will also have up to 8GB of RAM. That’s an insane amount of RAM for a mobile device that’s on par with a lot of computers these days.

Having that much RAM will likely let you run as many apps as you want without even the slightest hint of slowing down, just like the OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus was careful to say that the upcoming OnePlus 6 devices will have up to 8GB of RAM. It sounds like there could be two different models with varying amounts of RAM and price points, much like the OnePlus 5T. The base $500 OnePlus 5T model had 6GB of RAM, and the higher-end $560 model came with 8GB of RAM.

On the software side, the OnePlus 6 will look and feel like a stock Android phone, which is a good thing.

OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau revealed we can expect the same stock Android looks and feel on the OnePlus 6 as we’ve seen on recent OnePlus devices. It’ll also run the OxygenOS launcher that recent OnePlus phones have included, which allows OnePlus to keep the stock Android aesthetic while adding support for OnePlus features.

Keeping the stock Android aesthetic is one of the biggest reasons why I love and recommend OnePlus devices. Stock Android looks and feels great the way it is, and it doesn’t need the redesign that a lot of companies like Samsung and LG implement on their own mobile devices.

On the hardware side, expect some new features — including an iPhone X-style notch.


OnePlus provided The Verge with a teaser photo of the OnePlus 6 that confirms the device will have a notch on the display.

The notch will be bigger than the Essential Phone’s notch and smaller than the iPhone X’s, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei told The Verge.

But it’ll still have a “chin.”

Apple was able to narrow down every bezel to near-non-existence on the iPhone X, but that won’t be the case on the OnePlus 6. Pei confirmed to The Verge that the OnePlus 6 will indeed have a noticeable bottom bezel under the display.

Expect plenty of storage.

The OnePlus 5T.
Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

The OnePlus 6 will have up to 256GB of storage for your apps, photos, and videos. That’s twice the amount of storage that came with the higher-end OnePlus 5T, which came with 128GB of storage.

There’s no mention of how much storage the base model will include. The base OnePlus 5T had 64GB, so the base OnePlus 6 could come with twice the storage, too, at 128GB. But that’s still speculation at this point.

The OnePlus 6 will be one of the few phones you can buy that still comes with a headphone jack.

Pei also confirmed to The Verge that the device will have a headphone jack. The only other recent premium flagship smartphones that come with a headphone jack include the LG G6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Note 8.

And now for rumor territory: It could have a glass back.


Most OnePlus devices have had metal backs. There was one OnePlus phone, called the OnePlus X, that came with a glass and ceramic back, but it was a one-off device that wasn’t entirely successful.

A recent photo leak from Chinese site IThome suggests the OnePlus 6 could come with a glass back, which lines up with the current trend of glass-backed smartphones. Having a glass back could allow wireless charging on the OnePlus 6, which isn’t possible on devices with metal backs.

With all this said, IThome doesn’t have much of a reputation when it comes to leaks, so take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Or, it might <em>not</em> have a glass back…

Prolific gadgets leaker Evan Blass posted a supposed leaked image of the OnePlus 6’s back on Twitter, and it doesn’t support the rumor that it’ll come with a glass back. It looks like a brushed metal texture, but it’s not entirely clear.

What about the release date?

OnePlus has been on a semi-annual release cycle with its last few smartphones. With that in mind, we could expect the OnePlus 6 in June. That’s when OnePlus released the OnePlus 5, and it’s a little over six months since the OnePlus 5T’s release in November.

What about price?

Pricing rumors are still wildly unconvincing at the moment, but we hope OnePlus’ upcoming device isn’t more expensive than its predecessor. A value-driven price tag is one of OnePlus’ biggest differentiating features.

Little else is known or rumored about the OnePlus 6.

Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

As for other specs, we’d expect the OnePlus 6 to come with a dual-lens camera system like the OnePlus 5T did. A supposedly leaked OnePlus 6 spec sheet posted by tech blog Techslize – a site with no track record for rumor accuracy – suggests the dual-lens cameras will be 20 megapixels and 16 megapixels, and the selfie camera will be 20 megapixels.

Also according to that leak, the OnePlus 6’s battery will be a decently large 3,450 mAh, and the screen will be 6.28 inches and will have a 1080p resolution.

Again, this leak is somewhat suspect, as Techslize hasn’t yet proven itself in the rumor-mongering department.