People are desperately trying to #FixTrumpIn5Words

Twitter users are posting their best suggestions to #FixTrumpIn5Words

President Donald Trump has had his fair share of blunders since he took office about a year ago.

Just looking at 2018 alone: He reportedly referred to several foreign countries as “shithole countries”.

Then, there was the whole debacle of the US selling Norway fighter jets (F-52s) that didn’t exist. 

Oh, and let’s not forget that Trump also called himself “a very stable genius” who was “like, really smart”.

And from the looks of it, Twitter users have had enough. To solve the problem, many users started posting their best suggestions to #FixTrumpIn5Words on Friday (Jan 12).

Here’s a snapshot of some of the best ones we could find:

Twitter post by Devlyn Angel

Twitter post by SarahCA

Twitter post by E5quire

Twitter post by Travis Allen

Meanwhile, others simply admitted defeat:

Twitter post by Luisa Haynes

Twitter post by Dan Sutton

Twitter post by Lets_Groove_Tonights

But of course, there were a few who felt that there was nothing to be fixed:

Twitter post by Minnesota Patriot

Twitter post by S.Churchill

Twitter post by Jim Hanson