People are outraged by a fake dentist who was released just days after being jailed – here’s what happened

The case of fake dentist Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli, 20, has outraged netizens.
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She was caught offering dental services without a valid licence or proper training, and eventually received a six-month jail term in lieu of a RM70,000 fine.

Lesson learned, end of story, right?

Well, not exactly.

Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli, 20, has not redeemed herself in the eyes of the public, thanks in part to the circumstances in which she was released from prison.

NGOs accused of helping to free bogus dentist

Nur Farahanis, who offered to fix dental braces on Instagram, was set free just six days into her jail term after non-governmental organisations reportedly raised funds to help pay her fine.

Subsequent photos of Nur Farahanis smiling after her release did not go down well with Malaysian netizens, who saw her unusual behaviour as arrogant and unrepentant.

According to New Straits Times’ Oct 5 report, the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) and Malaysia Islamic Economic Activist Organisation (PPEIM) were among those who helped with the fundraising efforts.

PPIM lead activist Datuk Nadzim Johan was also quoted as saying: “We feel that she is still young, has not committed any previous crime, and should be given another chance”.

Despite this, the group now denies it had helped to pay her fine.

In a report on Tuesday (Oct 10), The Star quoted activist Muhammad Zharif Johor as saying: “We have not received nor contributed a single sen to Nur Farahanis’ fundraising”.

The NGO added that it did not agree with her actions, but acknowledged that it had provided Nur Farahanis’ family with advice on how to manage the case after she was jailed, The Star reported.

At the same time, PPEIM chairman Zamri Zaimon said his group agreed to help raise funds after Nur Farahanis’ lawyer requested for help.

“The RM70,000 was raised in less than 24 hours due to a huge donation from a motorcycle club,” The Star quoted him as saying.

And these groups were not the only ones embroiled in the fiasco.

Health ministry dragged into picture

The bogus dentist made matters worse by claiming in an Instagram post that her illegal practice was approved by the Health Ministry. She even thanked Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya and his private secretary for their alleged help.

The minister has since refuted Nur Farahanis’ claims on Oct 9, saying that he had heard of her case but did not get involved with it.

This latest revelation has again added fuel to fire, as netizens expressed anger at Nur Farahanis’ audacity to imply that she had received help from ministry officials.

Thanked others for ‘trying to bring her down’

She also said in an Instagram video that her adversaries had helped to make her more famous and more successful.

“Thank you to those involved and also thank you to those who tried to bring me down for making me better known, richer and more successful,” she reportedly said.

Her Instagram account @Naraswaraa may now be private, but continues to have a 12,000-strong following.

Netizens were not amused though.

Many Facebook users have reacted to news of Nur Farahanis’ case with angry emojis, and left comments criticising her behaviour.

A user identified as Sindhu Mohan Kumar wrote on The Star’s post: “Her arrogance is appalling! Absolutely no remorse whatsoever. She really should just be jailed without bail. Send out a stern message that illegal dentistry will NOT be tolerated here in Malaysia”.

Another user, Yazidah Jemali said: “Whoever contributed to her bail out are just as bad as her! There are many ppl out there are in dire need of that RM70k collected. Giving her and the would bogus ppl the wrong msg!”