The PKR flag has been seen all across the globe – but this may be the strangest sighting yet

The PKR flag has appeared in some ‘unusual’ places.

When the People’s Justice Party (PKR) stunned its way into one of the most impressive political wins seen in the past few decades during Malaysia’s 14th General Election, its popularity skyrocketed not just in Malaysia, but globally as well.

The victory caught the attention of the world, and it appears that about two months later, there are still some that have their sense of political pride intact.

The PKR flag has turned up in some strange places, like at the recent World Cup game between Senegal and Poland:

It didn’t stop there as one eagle-eyed Reddit user also spotted it at Tomorrowland, an electronic dance music festival in Belgium which sells out in minutes.

Electronic music icons Marshmello and David Guetta have all played there and someone thought it would be a good idea to bring the PKR flag to the festival as well.

Someone brought a PKR flag to Tomorrowland. Can you see it?

Still can’t see it? It is just under the Malaysia flag.

The flag of a political party that just a few months ago was in an intense fight with the party that had been controlling a country for decades somehow turning up while others there literally “turn up”? Now that would be harder to explain.

The PKR flag on full display at Tomorrowland.