PM Najib unveils new logo for his blog with ‘five principles’ that have spurred the country – here’s what they are

Najib Razak's new blog logo

The new logo reflects five principles that have spurred the country forward since 2009.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Datuk Najib Tun Razak has introduced a new logo for his blog to reflect the five principles of government administration that have served to spur the country forward since 2009.

He listed each principle on his blog,, explaining how each one has already helped Malaysia and how the Cabinet and Barisan Nasional administration will continue to hold fast to them to ensure the country’s success.

The principles, represented in the logo as five vertical lines, are: economy, global, visionary, the heart of the people and delivery.

Under the principle of economy, Najib said the Government under his leadership had been focused on ensuring that the economy remains strong and one example of this is how he introduced the Economic Transformation Programme shortly after he took office.

He explained that Malaysia continues to have a strong influence globally through its approaches and policies and that this has lead to an increase in foreign investments in Malaysia and an increase in the haj quota, for example.

For the third principle, Visionary, Najib said that the National Transformation 2050 has been introduced to allow the country to plan for what needs to be done and also to listen to the people’s aspirations and expectations.

He said: “On the third principle, vision, the country’s leaders must always think and give their best not only when leading the country, but more than that, for the next generation and the future of the nation.”